Highway Congestion in Singapore, Are You Experience It?

Singapore implemented a policy barring of private cars, but not separated from the snare of congestion

If you currently are in Singapore, the impression that feels there is the presence of order, clean, good urban planning and comfortable. Do not give it a moment in our minds will find it difficult to traffic in the city.

An article in KompasTravel write a journalist experience, that not only on the toll highway, but it looks queues of cars at a number of points, among others around the red light near Clementi Avenue, and red traffic lights in Holland Road which is headed to Orchard Road. As a result, you can spend one hour more to reach Orchard from NTU (Nanyang Technological University).

Of course, the government of Singapore did a lot of great breakthroughs, such as COE (certificate of entitlement), PARF (preferential additional registration fee), ERP (electronic road pricing), among others, the implementation of the policy of limiting the use of private cars.

Nice steps that make citizens use more public transport and reduce the use of private vehicles.

Congestion be a nuisance in the big cities of the world, so that the traveler who is in Singapore will face things like that.

(Source I Rastika - KompasTravel, A Pangastuty - Singapore /Images V Saver, M Kretyawan, L Pandjaitan)


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