5 Strange Christmas Tradition in the World

Christmas tradition is celebrated with joy but in a different way

Christmas Market, Braunschweig

Christmas celebrations in various countries is commonly synonymous with Christmas trees, such as candles, decorative lights, flowers are red or white, Santa Claus and complement other Christmas ornaments, and we can usually accept it as something that is common in many places.

When things are really different in some other countries, as can be found in 5 countriess of the world, such as Ukraine, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan and India.

Christmas at a café in Seminyak, Bali

Well, as a tourist maybe you're in one of these countries in the welcoming atmosphere of Christmas, would be surprised to see different things.

Cobwebs decorating. We can see different things in Ukraine with cobwebs ornaments. Tradition dating in Ukrainian folklore, about a poor widow and a spider on Christmas Eve that turn it into a beautiful silvery and golden Christmas tree.

Maintain fish in the bathtub. Christmas dinner dishes in the Czech Republic with a unique tradition since the 11th century, to keep the fish alive in the bathtub, and then processed into delicious meals for breakfast on Christmas Day.

Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Day. This happened in Japan, known as the 'Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii' (Kentucky for Christmas) is a successful marketing campaigns since 1974. Many Japanese society eating a meal at KFC outlets as mandatory food at Christmas.

Santa Claus is replaced by a witch. Perhaps in other countries we find Santa Claus, while in Italy is Babbo Natale, the female figure witch with broomstick. Witch bring gifts and presents two weeks after Christmas on a good kid, and flush the ashes on the brat.

Christmas Tree in Braunschweig

There are no pine trees, but banana or mango trees. As a tropical country and although in India, only 2 percent of the population, the Christians don’t use pine tree as a Christmas tree, but they decorate mango and banana trees with lights and ornaments like a Christmas tree.

Christmas celebrations always bring happiness and joy to those who celebrate it, whatever way that is done, always bring a sense of peace and happiness.

Merry Christmas!

(Source Time.com, S Agmasari – Kompas Female /Images Wetty Sjahran)


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