Stories from the Legend of Queen Boko Temple

Ancient legends associated with the legend of Roro Jonggrang

Maybe just a legend of the past, but still a belief for some people around the temple area. King Boko was the father of Roro Jonggrang (Princess of Jonggrang), better known by the story of a thousand temples.

Many questions present there along with the ruins of the temple building, whether a palace or a place to meditate?

On the other hand there are stories about Queen Boko Temple (Candi Ratu Boko), which is located about 3 kilometers from Prambanan Temple, the story of the temple into a place of worship, related the story of the inscription of Rai Panangkaran.

Ratu Boko Temple is unique, though this place was impressed as to Buddhist monasteries, this site also many statues of Hindu religious relics such as the statue of Ganesha.

Magnificent buildings make the tourists can feel its aroma, the composition of the gate structures, wells or ponds for Tawur Agung ceremony, the remains of the women's quarters and space for meditation.

A visit to the region for tourists gives a certain nuance, cool air, Mount Merapi in the distance, green grass around the building, and a series of legends about a queen or a king of the past.

(Source Kidnesia, KompasTravel /Images Prima Widi Hatmi)


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