10 Low-budget Countries Destination

Trips are not always expensive, even with the precision plan we can find low-budget places

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Actually, as a tourist, you do not choose a travel destination based on cost, especially for a true traveler. However, in many cases cost considerations into the determination of the appeal of the decision.

Travelling overseas can be said as a dream, and even become an obsession for some people, so the cost becomes an important consideration.

Here are some of the tourist destinations with a budget under $ 20, of course this become an attraction.

The Boat to Tam Coc, Vietnam

1. Vietnam. Heaven for a cheap culinary, culinary famous of Vietnamese is distinctive taste and the amazingly cheap price. Prepare your budget of about $ 10 and meet with cheap culinary at every end of the street, sitting in a plastic chair on the side of the road and enjoy the local specialties.

2. Cambodia. You can easily find a hostel or dormitory accommodation models with a price of $ 2.5 as well as the price of cheap food and drinks, but when you enter the area of Angkor Vat which is charged $ 23.

3. Nicaragua. This country offers interesting attractions for tourists, food/beverages and low cost accommodation priced at an average price of less than $ 12 per night.

4. Poland. Country in Eastern Europe is worthy of being a tourist destination, rich with history and luxury and classy architecture of its building. The package of typical Polish food at the restaurant is only about $ 5 only.

5. Sri Lanka. Everything is cheap and interesting to visit, one night at the hostel only costs $ 6, and traditional food such as curry and rice dish priced only $ 1.2.

Tourist in Pyramid, Egypt

6. Egypt. Despite previous conflicts in the country, with the country's iconic pyramids feasible and must be visited with rates for $ 6. Meanwhile the inn/hostel is only about $ 5 a night and a set of typical Egyptian food just needs to be paid by USD 2.5 only.

7. Albania. This is an unique Balkan country, don't worry with their cheap accommodation, you can find it easily by fare around the price of $ 12 per bed and culinary bargains can be found in every city streets, delicious at affordable prices.

8. Bolivia. In general, the cost of living in this country is quite low and affordable, public transport and dormitory-style lodging. Similarly, the price of food can be enjoyed at a price of around $ 2.5 - 3.5 only for a set menu at a local restaurant.

Village on the hills, Greece

9. Greece. Land of the gods that has always been interesting stories, enjoy a typical residential roof and a blue-white stunning beaches. Cheap hostel accommodation expenses, and don't miss to enjoy the Greece typical cuisine, such as spinach pie.

10. Laos. Well, this is where you are getting a complete surprise, a Southeast Asian country with a very low budget for a sightseeing trip. Bungalow can be rented at a price of $ 12 only. Immediately a walk to enjoy the typical cuisine of this country, street hawker food can be enjoyed at a price of around $ 1.2 - 2.5 and sat on the edge of the Mekong River while enjoying the distinctive nature of Southeast Asian countries. Cheap and fun.

Sunset at Santorini, Greece

Keep in preparation for an overseas travel, enjoy the rest of the world and happy holiday. Careful with your trip budget preparation necessary since the distant days, choose the tourist destination based on the cost that you have prepared.

(Source Tabloid Nova, Travel Kompas /Images V Saver, L Pandjaiatan, Juan Tobing, E Widi)


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