Check Your Hotel to Not Having Disappointment

Ease in online hotel reservations made us to be more careful

Santika Hotel

Progress of time makes it all becomes easier, as well as in hotel customer activity can now be done through the internet connection. But it was not running straight ease with comfort.

We need to be more careful in determining the selection of places to stay, including the luxury inn. As most hotels do not like the previously promoted.

Here are the instructions that need your attention.

Guest reviews. Guest comments - especially the negative comments from guests who stayed can give instructions through travel websites we get a review of the hotel guests. who stayed in a hotel.

Official online site. Easily we can see the quality of the hotel's official online website, if taken care of photographs mounted in a small resolution, should you suspect the credibility of the hotel. Some hotels also put on a Facebook page for promotion.

Hotel photos. Note the photo quality, the rooms and the hotel overall is filled with original or edits that seem excessive.

Hotel Room

Location. Check the location, whether in accordance with that described in the hotel's official online website? Use map the Google Maps and Google Street View to see the real condition of the environment in which the hotel is located. We can call the tourism office in the destination country to ask the desired location.

Phone. Call the hotel directly to the question, are there people who pick up the phone and friendly providing information that you need? As an initial overview of the conditions of service will receive later.

If we see description above we get a fairly complete picture, as tourists all things need to be observed before traveling, indeed experience will help us, including in the selection of places to stay.

(Source The Huffington Post, Kompas Travel /Images Santika Hotel)


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