10 Tourist Destinations in the World which Became Known in 2014

Traveller's Choice award winner for "Destination on the Rise" from TripAdvisor

The award from the travelers community of tourist attractions which are initially unknown, new tourist attractions and worth visiting. Respondents highlighted the 52 tourist destinations in the world that experienced the greatest increase in positive feedback and attention from TripAdvisor community from year to year.

Award winners are determined by an algorithm that measures the increase from year to year in the ranking of positive reviews on TripAdvisor travelers in accommodations, restaurants and attractions in all tourist destinations in the world.

Here are 10 World Tourist Destinations that Became Known 2014.

1. Da Nang, Vietnam. This place is known for its quiet beaches, culinary tours, and sacred places of Buddhism. The average hotel rate per night USD 47.44.

2. Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Stunning coastal town with a special experience for snorkeling and diving. The average hotel rate per night USD 92.34.

3. Limassol, Cyprus. Sun, sand, and culture of the Mediterranean with ancient sites in Kourion, including a stunning amphitheater, and a meander mosaic. Average rate per night USD 135.87.

4. Bodrum City, Turkey. A quiet, rich cultural attractions, such as the Castle of St Peter and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology with fascinating ancient artifacts. Average rate per night USD 118.62.

5. Naha, Japan. Known for its historical monuments and magnitude park, uniqueness Shurijo Castle, which gives visitors "true taste" of ancient castles. Located on the southern coast of Okinawa. Average rate per night USD 78.43.

6. Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand. Beautiful beaches for superb water activities. Average rate per night USD 63.57.

7. Kazan, Russia. Enchanting place along the River Volga, travel history is rich nuance, like a fortress which became "a blend of Christian Orthodox and Islamic culture". Average rate per night USD 100.74.

8. Hurghada, Egypt. Enjoy the sunshine in the resort town located along the Red Sea. Some of the activities that can be done, such as sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, and visiting Sharm El Naga. Average rate per night USD 92.75.

9. Manaus, Brazil. This city was once one as World Cup 2014 event, with the scent of cosmopolitan in the middle of the Amazon, Brazil. Average rate per night USD 86.85.

10. Eilat, Israel. Suitable place for tourists who are looking for sun, adventuring to Timna National Park, which is described as "rocky desert with impressive views of the red rocks and pink". Activity that can be done, among others, snorkeling in the "turquoise clear water" in the Coral Beach Nature Reserve. Located in the Gulf of Aqaba. Average rate per night USD 269.82.

New tourist attractions that can bring a sense of your curiosity, isn’t it?

(Source TripAdvisor, KompasTravel /Images N Devi, Juan Tobing)


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