Why Do People Work During the Holidays? - Part 2

A survey of TripAdvisor about the Southeast Asia Traveler who are Traveling

Old Town of Jakarta

Continuing the first part of the survey of workers who are on vacation and involving respondents who are workers/professionals from companies in various countries in the world, as well as respondents from Southeast Asian.

The question arises about the respondents who incidentally are workers from various companies, how they perceive their vacations and work.

Tourists in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Survey gives surprising results about how they view the holiday.

1. Keep working while on vacation last year - 67 percent (global average of 46 percent)
2. No objection to a little work during vacation - 55 percent
3. Completely free from work - about 36 percent
4. Connect with their work while on vacation - 8 percent
5. Keep working while on vacation is an emergency situation that requires attention - 75 percent (global average of 46 percent)

Interesting overview to see how tourists from Southeast Asia who proved always wanted to connect to their working environment, even on holidays. Incredible!

(Source TripAdvisor, KompasTravel /Images V Puspitasari, M Batubara)


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