10 Places of the World that Most Many Being Photos Objects 2014

Based on a 2014 Best Photo on Instagram

Musee du Louvre, Paris

Photo sharing service site, Instagram, provide location information that has become a tourist destination throughout the year 2014, most of the attractions are located in the United States and elsewhere are in the Asian region, such as Siam Paragon.

Other places preferred by tourists is the Museum du Louvre in Paris, and several locations in Russia.

Times Square at New Year Celebration, New York

Here are 10 spots of the most widely photographed and uploaded to Instagram in 2014 and can be a clue in the world places frequented.

1. Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA
2. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California, USA
3. Times Square, New York, USA
4. Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand
5. Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia

6. Musee du Louvre, Paris, France
7. Red Square, Moscow, Russia
8. Madison Square Garden, New York, USA
9. Yankee Stadium, New York, USA
10. The Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Places above does give a different picture of the results of last year, given the tendency of the movement of tourists in the world.

Now there is only one tourist attraction of Southeast Asia in the list, but the tourist area of the Asia-Pacific region remains attractive destination for tourists in the world as a whole.

(Source GigaOm, Kompas Tekno /Images Sonya Maria, wikipedia)


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