Lawang Sewu does not mean a Thousand Doors

Built in the Dutch colonial era to be the Office of Railway Company

The question arises about a thousand doors, because literally in the Java language, lawang means the door and sewu meaning thousand. Architecture shown impression it gives the typical trappings of Netherlands origin.

Pay attention to the details of towers like a castle, glass mosaic, circular staircase, door to large-sized windows. Doors and windows that look very much, so impressed was not counted, and do not be surprised if later the building was called "Lawang Sewu".

If you are around this place, probably will have a special time to count the number of doors. Apart for some local residents in this town, stir spooky stories and horror, mystery stories accompany its long history since from the past, from the Dutch period, continuing the era of Japan and the history of the struggle in this country.

(Source Dikha/Potneg/Annnisa - Kidnesia, KompasTravel /Image SY Winata, Pramudya Wardani)


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