South Korean tourists are Most Visiting Traveler's to Japan

Based on data from approximately 10 million foreign tourists who visited Japan in 2013

Himeji Castle

Japan continues to open up to the presence of tourists from various countries, based on the record of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), that the majority of tourist arrivals was from Asia, which is 78.3 percent, and Europe 8.7 percent, 7.7 percent and the United States.

Another thing that triggers an increase in tourist arrivals is the presence of low-cost airlines, which triggers the middle class to travel to other countries, such as the number of tourists from Asia are likely to rise.

Tourists in Japan

In 2000 only 16 percent, while 19 percent of America, Europe 57 percent, and another 7 percent. Then, in 2010, tourists from Asia rose to 22 percent, Americans dropped to 16 percent, Europe was reduced to 51 percent, and the other 12 percent.

Here are the list of tourists visit to Japan in 2013.

1. South Korea by about 23.7 percent
2. Taiwan 21.3 percent
3. China 12.7 percent
4. United States 7.7 percent
5. Hongkong 7.2 percent

6. Thailand 4.4 percent
7. Australia's 2.4 percent
8. England 1.9 percent
9. Singapore 1.8 percent
10. Malaysia 1.7 percent

11. France 1.5 percent
12. Kananda 1.5 percent
13. Germany 1.2 percent
14. Italy 0.6 percent
15. Spain 0.4 percent

16. Other countries 10 percent

The Japanese government realized the potential for an increase in tourist arrivals, they will perform a variety of methods to attract tourists, among others, simplification of entry procedures for citizens of other countries and visa-free policy, MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions), and a festival of art and culture.

All that remains hidden tourism potential will be explored and developed in order to attract people of the world to visit Japan.

(Source JNTO, KompasTravel /Images P Widi Hatmi)


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