2 of 10 Most Popular Destinations in Asia Pacific for the New Year Celebrations are in Bali

Seminyak is third after Sydney, Australia and Singapore

The Samaya, Seminyak

Trip Advisor users in Southeast Asia in their search process activities in Trip Advisor sites, gives the reviews and opinions of visitors in the form of the ten most popular destinations for New Year celebrations.

This result is a Trip Advisor search, the world class travel websites, put two of tourist sites in Seminyak and Kuta as a popular tourist destination in recent years of the ten tourist sites in the Asia Pacific.

The Café at Seminyak

"Indonesia is the only country with two tourist destinations in the list of the top 10," said Jean Ow Yeong, Public Relations of Trip Advisor.

Waiting for Sunset, Kuta

Other tourist destinations are Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, Paris, Bangkok, and the last is Melbourne.

The results obtained are the reviews and opinions of 315 million visitors each month on Trip Advisor tourist sites, from a variety of destinations in the world such as restaurants, hotels, including tourist attractions.

(Source Trip Advisor, Kompas Travel /Images The Samaya Seminyak, D Bintang, N Ginting)


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