10 Most Favorite Destinations to Celebrate New Year

Based on the latest Smart Travelling studies of hotel reservation sites, Agoda

Sunset at Ku De Ta Cafe, Seminyak, Bali

Perhaps you've read about the location or travel destination to celebrate new year for tourists in the world organized by the world travel site, Trip Advisor, which gives an overview of popular places in the world chosen by tourists.

This time Agoda, also conducted a Smart Travelling survey, which shows the city of Bangkok, Thailand, as one of the most favorite destinations in the world to celebrate the new year.

Wat Pho, Reclining Buddha Temple, Bangkok

This becomes an interesting survey, because each city/location chosen by a percentage selection of over 7,000 Agoda's travelers to choose among 24 destinations they want, online in November 2014.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Here are the top ten most popular destinations to celebrate the New Year.

1. Bangkok 13.60 percent
2. Hong Kong 10.77 percent
3. Bali 10.62 percent
4. Tokyo 9.45 percent
5. Singapore 7.97 percent
6. Taipei 7.94 percent
7. New York 7.26 percent
8. Paris 5.35 percent
9. London 4.11 percent
10. Sydney 3.99 percent

Times Square, New York

Various reasons are specific rating in spending time during the celebration of the new year, for example, whether a party or options are simple to implement in an atmosphere of great celebration for the public, such as Time Square's Ball Drop or Taipei 101 Countdown.

The option back to you, of course!

(Source BeritaSatu, Agoda /Images Dian Bintang, E Widi, M Kretyawan, W Sjahran)


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