AirAsia New Routes, Singapore to Lombok and Solo

Facilitate Travelers to Choose Travel Destinations in 2015

Who doesn’t like to get places easily accessible tourist destination, especially when the airline that you use a lot of options open. AirAsia Indonesia as one of the low budget airline, in 2015 is able to read the needs of tourists in the countries of the Asian region.

Of service users are increasingly interested when AirAsia offers promo ticket rates at certain times, especially for the new route.

Tourists in Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Following these new route, including Lombok-Surabaya, Solo-Singapura, Solo-Denpasar, Townsville-Denpasar, Cairns-Denpasar, Palembang-Singapura, and Denpasar-Bangkok.

Looking at the latest on the list, you can easily choose a variety of tourist destinations, such as Cairns, and Townsville, both in Queensland, Australia.

Old Town Laweyan Village, Solo

Another route would be preferred by the tourists is a new tourist destination in Solo and Lombok that are being received the attention of the tourists in the region.

(Source AirAsia, Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - KompasTravel /Images AirAsia, F Benjamin, L Pandjaitan)


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