11 Cities as Shopping Travel Paradise

Musée du Louvre, Paris

We know one of the preferred destinations by tourists heading to a town is a tourist destination to shop, we soon learned that Paris appeared as a world shopping paradise. Should not be surprised if you see a trend of the presence of a variety of the latest retail brand in that romantic city outperformed other shopping cities, such as Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Cities that become shopping paradise is the result of the global retail sector research reports - from CBRE in 2014, which states that the majority of global retailers, 51% was present in three major global regions, namely the Americas, Europe-Middle East-Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Here are the cities of the world shopping paradise.

1. Paris
2. Tokyo
3. Hongkong
4. Abu Dhabi
5. London
6. Beijing
7. Moscow
8. Shanghai
9. Frankfurt
10. Taipei
11. Singapore

These cities became the focus of global retailers in anticipation of the dynamics and development of tourist visits to various cities of the world - which is a tourist destination.

(Source World Property Channel, the Wall Street Journal, Kompas /Images R Mailisa, Hanna Yohana)


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