Italia, Europe in Short Journey - 3

Cathedral of Milan

Not easy to forget when you reach this country, Italy. Residents are warm welcome, vibrant and exuberant character, of course you'll remember the pizza, which is capable tempting your flavors. Where the feet want to go? Milan, a city of fashion that is attractive to anyone.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

You might want to look at the graceful buildings, towering Cathedral of Milan. Neighborhood charm of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, with a row of shops of famous brands.

Cake Shop in Milan

Do you want to go to the north of the country? Lavis, Trento, snow whitened the mountains in the distance area. Your eyes will be dazzled, but all will be entertained by the cool air of the mountains.

Pizza in Palazzo Mora

There will be an inexhaustible desire to explore - go to each side of the charming feel, from the land of the pizza, natural beautiful and tempting culinary.

Street of Rome

The beauty of Rome greeted with a spectacular building charm of the past, the Colosseum with a great history of the gladiators.


Colorful country with enthusiasm tourist groups scattered on each side of town.

Source: Kompas, R Mailisa, MP Djojonegoro
Image: R Mailisa, MP Djojonegoro


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