Sumba Woven Craft becomes the Target of Travelers

Ships in the sea of Poto Tano

Rows of the islands of Sumba and Sumbawa in Nusa Tenggara turned out store their own uniqueness in the traditional weaving crafts.

East Sumba woven craft, Kombu shirt

Rote patterned woven, basic black character is meant to have strong principles, being commonly used - red color illustrates courage. Traditional societies in the past reflected through their clothing, the social strata in traditional ceremonies as a symbol of respect for the tribe which is expected to prevent them from disaster, evil spirits and other bad things.

Sumba woven craft

Sumba patterned woven has other ethnic motifs with its religious value, representing residents in district. Also can be found the motifs that closer to everyday life with its land/earth colors like, a horse motif symbolizes pride, strength and courage. While the chicken pattern symbolizes a married woman's life.

One of the Sumba motifs

Sumba is one of the favorite tourist area in the mid-year holiday, for example, during Eid holidays. Tourists coming to this region, woven craft become the target. Even at certain times often the buyer flood from out of town or overseas.

(Source S Noviyanti - travelKompas , F Jonathans Poyk - Sumba /Images F Jonathans Poyk)


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