Curfew for Free during FIFA World Cup 2014

Indeed soccer sport has incredible charm, even the Thai military authorities realize the social dynamics that occur in their society, the provisions previously set a curfew on the country, was finally released during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Dynamics in society when welcoming aroma of the world soccer party, raised a great excitement and enthusiasm while welcome a grand event of the soccer world.

Especially during the match, the crowd people, both locals and foreigners, such as tourists who gathered in the city center and night entertainment venues also in tourist areas.

Tourist presence and movement of people welcomed the bells-whistles every game, on the one side to increase the excitement and expectations of the public interest attached to them. On the other hand the local economy is an increase in arousal, especially in areas where the gathering of tourists in Thailand.

(Source Antara, Thailand Tourism, Nanda Devi - Bangkok /Images FIFA World Cup 2014 Official, N Devi)


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