Hanoi the Cheapest, Jakarta as Second Holiday City

Vietnamese girl in Hanoi

As per the results of a comparative study of the annual cost of TripAdvisor in TripIndex Cities, the main city in Vietnam, Hanoi became the city tourist destination with the most affordable cost in the world for a vacation.

The next sequence is followed in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta rose 19 ranks to become one of the most affordable cities for a night out.

Old building in Hanoi

Hanoi gives the cheapest cost for the typical cost for two people to enjoy a cocktail before dining at a five star hotel (USD 15.75) as well as the need to eat outside (USD 36.83), while Jakarta recorded the least expensive for a one night stay at a four star hotel and a hangout for 2 person will cost an average of USD 97.92 and the taxi fare for a round trip of three kilometer at USD 3.12.


Asian cities such as Hanoi, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur recorded in research as an affordable vacation cities, tourists can consider budget for holiday travel in the times to come.

(Source TripAdvisor, travelKompas /Images CH Zien, P Widi Hatmi)


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