Australian As the Sexiest in the World, a Travel Survey - 2

Tourist landed on Gili Trawangan

Continuing the first part of the article about the experience of the traveler around the world related to the sexiest men and women with their countries of origin, which is done by a travel dating site, Miss Travel.

In the second part presented the results of a survey of the sexiest men in the world based on the experience of the traveler who had traveled to various tourist regions of the world.

Countries with the sexiest men in the world.

1/ Australia, 2/ Italia, 3/ UK, 4/ Scotland, 5/ Spain, 6/ USA, 7/ Ireland, 8/ Brazil, 9/ Canada, 10/ Netherlands.

Australian on the beach of Lombok

Traveling always has many facets, such as a new experience, to understand people of different cultures, recognizing the diversity of various other countries, and of course enjoy a unique culinary wealth of tourist attractions.

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(Source Miss Travel, Kompas /Images F Benjamin)


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