Jakarta Night Festival entertain the residents of Jakarta

The stage at Sudirman Street

Nine stage graced the culmination of 487th Jakarta anniversary to be a marker for the start of the Jakarta Night Festival 2014 (JNF 2014) - the night for the youngster event on Saturday, June 21, 2014 evening, the show prepared for the visitors, the city residents and also the tourists.

Ungu Band on the stage

Peak moment when the event starts at 19:00 until midnight later, when you are in the middle of the show, the stage looks scattered right and left sides, ranging from the Hotel Indonesia until the Bundaran West Silang Monas.

The crowd people in JNF

Immediately move wild imagination when listening to music of various genres, some tourists laugh, "I feel comforted involved in this event, I even brought my childs to mingle with other visitors!" said a tourist from neighboring country, Malaysia.

The Monas Stage

The music rhythm of keroncong, reggae, jazz, rock, mixed street music, rock dangdut and even acoustic pop, entertained by local music artists, such as Ungu, Wali and Mulan Jameelah also some of the metal rock band shake the visitors, thrilled to welcome the city's anniversary.

(Source K Sari Aziza - Kompas, J Enny - Jakarta /Images A Passau Prianata, J Enny)


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