Brazilian Woman As the Sexiest in the World, a Travel Survey - 1

Tourists in Gili Trawangan

It is interesting to note, a survey of travel dating site Miss Travel, give interesting results conducted on many traveler around the world related to the sexiest women and men with their country of origin.

Such surveys provide interesting results, although the main goal of course is traveling itself and excitement as a priority.

Brazilian woman seem to be the first choice for the traveler as the sexiest women in the world.

1/ Brazil, 2/ Russia, 3/ Colombia, 4/ UK, 5/ Philippines, 6/ Spain, 7/ Australia, 8/ Bulgaria, 9/ South Africa, 10/ Canada.

Tourists in a beach of Lombok

Tourist trips always make us have the opportunity to meet with many people from different types of cultures and human behavior, so it is not surprising that we sometimes often unconsciously attracted to people who are found in tourist destinations.

Continued in Part 2Australian As the Sexiest in the World

(Source Miss Travel, Kompas /Images F Benjamin)


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