Germany, Europe in Short Journey - 1

People relaxing on the bench in Munich city streets

A friend tells her trip to Europe, along with friends and family has chosen some interesting locations as a destination, with 47 countries on the continent, and as many as 28 countries within the European Union.

Diana Temple in Hofgarten, Munich

This is only part of the story. It's hard to write only take interesting pictures.

The river in Hamburg

Then when you're there, do not miss the opportunity to visit several countries in this blue continent, the beauty of natural scenery, spectacular ancient buildings typical until its culinary offerings.

In the backyard of Mayor Building

Travel to Germany across the autobahn - the freeway, feeling the cool breeze, which is a neat road infrastructure, road transport, cars and trains in a number of countries connected properly.

Cologne Cathedral

You can choose beautiful towns, and come to the one of their cities there, such as Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, or Munich.

The other view of Cologne Cathedral

Maybe you can go to Köln (Cologne) with a blend of ancient and modern buildings. The magnificent Cologne Cathedral, gothic architecture and historic buildings.

Source: I Rinaldi - Kompas, W Sjahran - Braunschweig
Image: P Widi Hatmi, W Sjahran, L Melsa


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