2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hotel Rates Increase!

Sunset at Ipanema beach, Brazil

Cities in Brazil will make you - who are already planning a trip to the country's of ​​the world soccer, are expected to prepare themselves with the rise in hotel rates average 7-14 percent since January 2014.

As reported by the Travigo.co.uk, as quoted by Kompas.com, two cities in Brazil, Brasília and Manaus became the city with the highest hotel rates, especially on match days of 2014 World Cup, when the average reach 187 pounds.

Here are the cities with expensive rates.

1. Brasilia, the average rate of 214 pounds (preliminary round) and 305 pounds in the main game (bigmatch, eg. England vs Italy).
2. Manaus, the average rate of 156 pounds (preliminary round) and 245 pounds in the main game.
3. Rio de Janeiro, the average rate of 173 pounds (preliminary round) and 194 pounds in the main game.
4. Salvador, rates averaged 125 pounds (preliminary round) and 156 pounds in the main game.

The city that relatively cheaper.

5. Curitiba, the average rate of £ 102 (preliminary round) and 131 pounds in the main game.

However, as befits a great party for everyone, especially for the tourists who support their country's soccer team, of course hotel rates can be overcome.

(Source Kompas /Image wikipedia)


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