Jokowi Supports Tourism in Indonesia

Indonesian presidential candidate, Jokowi with Jusuf Kalla greeted by the observer of Indonesian tourism. Both of them known as the driver of tourism figures, Jokowi make tourism in the city of Solo increased rapidly, meanwhile Jusuf Kalla known as a key driver of ancient animals - komodo dragons, as one of the winners in the election of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" in 2012.

Positive assessment of their vision and mission, which is considered to build a comprehensive Indonesian tourism and tourist targets for the next five years.

Island of Wayag, Raja Ampat

Focus on tourism development at a strategic point in the tourist area of Indonesia to build intersullar tourism and strengthening local cultures at BunakenWakatobi - Raja Ampat.

(Source TribunNews /Images Susetyohadi Winata)


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