Hotels Where Football Teams Stay in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, Der Panzer - 4

After the previous article about the places to stay of the national team who competed at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, interesting to see a places of the German national team, Der Panzer, they chose a quiet place, in order to obtain the focus to deal with the game.

A remote area of Santo Andre, São Paulo, Brazil, a rural area of 175.7 square kilometers known as the sleepy village, giving calm, cool, away from the bustle of town and peaceful.

Residential area complete with playground, swimming pool, and a fitness facility. Here and there looks colorful decoration in accordance with the German national flag colors decorate the surrounding environment. Places that deserve to be the common travelers choice, of course.

(Source Hilda B Alexander - Kompas /Image Wikitravel)


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