5 Asian Cities with the Most Hotel Accommodation Addition

The following cities realize that tourism development requires a continuous increase in new hotel rooms. For example, as of May 2014, the city such as Jakarta gets new accommodation facilities as much as 6152 hotel rooms of 26 hotels.

Here are 5 cities in Asia (until May 2014) with the addition of hotel rooms accommodation facilities according to data from STR Global.

Pullman Hotel, Central Park Jakarta

1. Manila, Philippines - 6456 rooms of 21 hotels
2. Jakarta, Indonesia - 6152 rooms of 26 hotels
3. Chengdu, China - 5869 rooms of 22 hotels
4. Bali, Indonesia - 5798 rooms of 22 hotels
5. New Delhi, India - 5297 rooms of 28 hotels

The addition of new hotels could be interesting along with the trend of rising passion in the world of tourism, not only enlivened by the hotel with the economic classification (budget hotel), but also a luxury hotel.

(Source Hilda B Alexander - Kompas /Images P Widi Hatmi, M Kretyawan)


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