Unique Experience, Swimming in Beer Pool

This is an interesting offer from a bar in Austria, Starkenberger Castle, because your presence there will get a different experience. Guests can also swim in a 7 pool containing beers that have been opened since 2005.

The main menu of course you get a variety of beer and other beverages to suit your taste, but the sensation of swimming in the middle of a pool of beer would be something unique.

Imagine if you are there, all the four-meter pool contains 42,000 liters of beer from the Starkenberger brewery, but the real essence is that the visitor to enjoy the surroundings, the natural beauty of the mountains and the green trees in Austria with blue sky above.

(Source news.com.au, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Images Starkenberger Brauerei)


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