Looking for Cheap Hotels/Lodging?

Let's say you want to go to a tourist area in other parts of the world, a dream so far in order to go to these places. Example of an area of your information about tourist destinations - were crowded with tourists visiting, do not be surprised if hotel rates/lodging will increase sharply.

Homestay in diving region of Raja Ampat, West Papua

How to get the tips that you can do? Like the old saying, many ways lead to Rome. Many ways also to outsmart a limited budget without reducing the enjoyment of the holiday.

1. Finding cheap accommodation, for example hostels. Information can be obtained through the website, for example www.booking.com or www.hostelworld.com. Or you can look at other local sites with more specific information.
2. Read the recommendations on the website carefully. Recommendation is important that you obtain the guidance, especially from those who testified of user inn/lodging experience.
3. Recommendations from friends/relatives. Recommendations are generally reliable from friend as initial clues, they are certainly more honest.

The trip was supposed to be a fun tour, if planned properly. Manage budgets more efficient can be a special experience.

(Source F Abdurachman - travelKompas, P Widi Hatmi /Images N Sirait)


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