Reasons Why Choosing a Hostel

For most travelers the inn price consideration that cheap has become the main thing, of course, by looking at factors others. Travelers with a low budget would be very careful in this kind of thing.

Certainly many options hostels that can be found, ranging from hostel dorm or room share models with others, to bedroom without a bathroom or a shower.

In this case, the convenience factor becomes the second, who had to share a bathroom with other travelers. Until toilet away from the room.

Both need to calculate such rates per night for a budget accommodation, cheap indeed. But if more precise compared to what current daily budget traveled up. Consider the following things in order to stay in budget hostels really cheap.

1. Location. The farther away from the area you will be visiting, then there is the cost of transportation should you spend.
Choose a hostel that can be reached by foot close to the majority of the attractions or region you wish to visit or enter the list in the itinerary at least short-distance public transport that can access the hostel to the majority of the attractions.

2. Public transport. This will save you time and travel costs.
Near the minimarket and others, in order to facilitate you to buy drinks and food, find out whether the hostel you'll stay close to the minimarket, or important to note the location of a tourist attractions, medical clinic and police station nearby and address of the embassy of your country.

3. Breakfast. Many hostels do not provide breakfast for its guests. Many hostels also have kitchen facilities allowing guests to cook their own food.
Is it more efficient or even more extravagant than to stay at hostels for providing breakfast.

4. Towels. Some hostels in Europe charge extra for bed linen that you will use, and a towel. Find out if they ask for additional charge.
Should bring your own towels when traveling, especially by way of backpacker-style.
Often hostel facilities are also available washing machine that can be run by entering coins. If the hostel does not provide this facility, ask where the nearest laundry with your hostel.

5. Shuttle. There are some facilities that provide a shuttle to the airport-hostel. There are also hostels which provide shuttle route from the hostel to crowded places or tourist center in the city.

6. Internet access. The Internet has become an important requirement when traveling. If you will need internet access is high, make sure the hostel you’ll stay provides internet access facilities. Of course you do not want to bother to find where’s the internet cafes around the hostel.

7. Security. Indispensable friend recommendations. Ensure that hostels are not located in areas prone to crime, for example you can avoid the possibility of lost items.

8. Safety Box. Ask also whether the hostel rooms provide a private and completeness using a key or key card.

(Source travelKompas /Image Kamar-Kamar Hostel Jakarta)


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