Dawuan Ceremony at Puri Saraswati – Mount Lawu

By Tabita Diela

Here's a travel journey undertaken by a female journalist to an unique temple, while enjoying an event that was held there – Dawuan Ceremony.

Saturday, November 17, 2012 afternoon, a thick fog enveloped the Cetho Temple area on the western slopes of Mount Lawu, at Gumeng Village, District Jenawi, Karanganyar regency, Central Java Province. The temple can be reached in about two hours drive from the center of the city of Solo.

Anyone who wants to visit the temple had to deal with some sharp turns, steep slopes, and thick fog. With the thick fog and the cold, mystical atmosphere Temple Cetho so pronounced. Not to mention, when it was blanketed silence Cetho Temple.

When I arrived, there were only a few small groups of tourists in the country that looks go by. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I who was fascinated with the mystical atmosphere, tall staircases, arches, and temples form issued immediately get the camera.

Unfortunately, only a few minutes later, started to drizzle and the rain. I had thought that my desire to capture the temple had foundered. When I was trying to find shelter, all of a sudden some local residents entered the temple area with a colorful gembolan.

Out of curiosity, I went after them. Apparently they will hold a Dawuan Ceremony. This ceremony is a form of thanksgiving locals on the ruler of the universe springs support them. The ceremony was held at Puri Saraswati (Saraswati Castle). Puri Saraswati or also called Puri Taman Saraswati a form of kinship between the Dukuh Cetha communities and surrounding communities with Gianyar, Bali communities. The castle is just a few meters behind Cetho Temple.

Through the trail, visitors can also visiting the Cetho Temple site. Condition, visitors must be willing to let go of footwear and if you want, visitors can also contribute to the management of the recreation and a place of worship.

One by one the locals began to gather. Residents who gathered consists of various ages. Ranging from small children to the elderly enthusiastically gathered at Puri Saraswati. Of course, every family is present by bringing gembolan. The gembolan they carry almost everything is colored very interesting.

The contents of gembolan is turned out some food side dishes such as grilled chicken, bothok, tofu and tempeh bacem, ointment, and do not miss the printed white rice cone or a mini cone-shaped (tumpeng rice mini).

After local traditional opening ceremony, some young men start opening one by one the gembolan they prepared from their homes. Side dishes and rice rolled into one, then passes it back. Nothing is left, all present, including me, get food rations.

Not everyone who attended the ceremony were spending their lunch at that place. Some families choose to hold the food they receive and take it home. The ceremony only took about half an hour.

In relatively short time, Puri Saraswati was quiet again. I can enjoy the beauty of the Puri Saraswati complete with sun started shining shyly, two stacks fountain with the statue of Goddess Saraswati with two swans, and springs that are outside the fountain area.

(Source T Diela, Ningstami, travelKompas /Images DisparbudJabar, Ningstami)


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