3 charming hostel in Chinatown - Singapore

You want to go to Singapore and has the heavy tight budget? Do not worry, there is many lodging options that can be considered in this island country.

Hostel of choice, and this time try to walk in the direction of Chinatown, the price is affordable and the location is quite convenient for the Orchard Road and Marina Bay area.

It has been considered also the location where to eat, and MRT transportation, quite interesting to try, right?

1. Adler Hostel

- The owners, young entrepreneurs, Adler Poh, located on South Bridge Road is carrying the theme "luxury hostel". The fee was 60 Singapore dollars.
- Nuanced colonial aura that combines traditional and modern. Curtains cover the beds, lockers to store goods, toiletries.
- WiFi is a support facility that will make your visit more comfortable.

2. Istay.inn

- Locations also in South Bridge Road.
- Funky hostel with a colorful interior. The hotel walls are filled with paintings of graffiti artists work Hongkong. Interestingly, specific to the rooms, clean and quiet nuance was the choice of white for a bed that will make guests more comfortable sleep.
- Breakfast is available.
- WiFi will support your tour.
- Price between 32-40 Singapore dollars.

3. Pillow and Toast Heritage

- Locations in Upper Cross Street.
- It has the advantage with a special room for women.
- The uniqueness of the hotel is located in the lobby that has a map of Singapore, which is made of cardboard. This map helps guests with hints of interesting sights and also the name of the MRT station.
- Prices start at 33 Singapore dollars (about USD 250,000).
- Bicycle rental services are available if you want to get around Singapore.

(Source Ericssen - Kompas Singapore, travelKompas /Images Adler Hostel)


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