Yu Sheng dish festive the Chinese New Year's Eve

Celebrate Chinese New Year (Imlek) has become a celebration around the world, this is a result of ethnic Chinese diaspora has reached all corners of the world. We can not be surprised that, because then the effect seen when the Chinese culinary influence many other cultures.

One of the unique traditions is gather around with family during Chinese New Year's Eve and celebrate the arrival of the new year while enjoying dinner together.

The popular dishes at the event was Yu Sheng (or Yee Sang), which was served with a salad of raw fish with chunks of fresh vegetables, pickles, plum sauce, served with peanut and sesame as a complement. Yu means fish, and sheng means raw. Raw fish symbolizes new life, in which the word 'yu' is also used to symbolize prosperity.

They gathered around the table, use chopsticks, then stir the salad and raw fish together. All members of the family were present then lift the mixture with chopsticks and say "Lo hei", which means "for the eternal good luck". Yu Sheng thrown into the air, which means an abundance of wealth and prosperity in the new year. They believe the higher the toss Yu Sheng when mixed, the more blessings to be received.

It's not just the Yu Sheng, other than that there is also another dish a meal made from a variety of primary materials. Starting from the duck, fish, chicken, beef, shrimp and sea cucumbers. Similarly, there is always a fish-shaped cake in celebration of the new year. This unique cake called Nian Gao, symbolizing prosperity and good luck for the following years based on an evaluation obtained from the Kitchen God during the celebration of Chinese New Year Dinner.

The more sweet taste of Nian Gao, the better the value of the family. What an awesome tradition and through a long trail along the way.

Happy Chinese New Year 2564. Gong Xi Fat Chay!

(Source R. Adhi Ksp, travelKompas, Alexei G, C. Then /Images wikipedia, Manu Kretyawan)


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