Hotel "Airplane" Suites in the Netherlands originally an Ilyushin Il-18n plane

Whether you're planning a trip to this country? The Netherlands is known as one of the preferred tourist destination by travelers the world. Various attractions to be featured there.

But there is a new viable into consideration when you are in the Netherlands, when a Soviet-made long plane Ilyushin Il-18n type that was used as the official aircraft of East German leader, Erich Honnecker, into a luxury hotel.

A Dutch hotelier, Ben Thijsen, some time in the journey to the past, finding aircraft that is used as a restaurant in the former East German border. The idea arose to turn the restaurant into a hotel, he bought and brought to the village Teuge, Netherlands!

He spent hundreds of thousands of euros to renovate it into a luxury hotel.

"You can sleep in any type of hotel, but not in an airplane. I think this is perfect," he said.

Certainly the idea to be interesting, especially for a lot of Germans who have known a long history of this aircraft. They even took pictures of Germany before the Berlin Wall fell while staying.

Further Ben said, "One of the guests dressed as pilots and even spent a day in the sauna. Following day he wore plain clothes and wearing her flight attendant uniform."

If you are really interested and are now planning a trip there, provide the cost of overnight stays for 350 euro. Facilities available at the hotel include a jacuzzi, sauna, bar, sumptuous food and a flat screen television.

One of the highlights was the atmosphere in the cockpit preformance left as actually, ah... Customers are of course interested in the pilot's room. Superb!


Airplane Suite
De Zanden 61b

tel +31 (0)6-19388603
fax +31 (0)30-2204955

(Source Daily Mail, /Images


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