France, Europe in Short Journey - 2

Exciting journey that deserves to be told, a lot she wanted to say. Only pictures are present with her upon arrival in Paris.

Interesting experience for anyone who for the first time to this city, architecture and the intersection which almost uniform, hope you do not get lost.

Louvre Museum

You will be enchanted by the aura of a city that offers a lot of feelings of love, for visitors and tourists, enjoying the splendor of the glass pyramid of Louvre Museum.

Arc de Triomphe

Grandeur "Arc de Triomphe" in the middle of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs Elysees. Magnificent monument to commemorate and honor those who fought for France in the French revolution.

Some tourists stroll around the area, souvenir hawkers who diligently offering his wares, a young couple holding hands, walking down the city parks along the wind breeze of June.

(Source Kompas, Sonya Susilo /Images Sonya Susilo)


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