Japan Today, Tourists get free Wi-Fi access in Public Areas

Himeji Castle

Currently the Japanese government will provide better facilities for tourists who come to visit the rising sun country, with free Wi-Fi in some cities and regions, including Tokyo, Hakone, Mt Fuji, Yokohama, Nagano, Nikko, Kusatsu, Tohoku, Hokkaido, and Fukushima.

The Japanese government, in collaboration with NTT, Japan's largest telecommunications company, will be providing Wi-Fi access in public places, especially the much visited by foreign tourists.

Travelers are happy if they can get access by showing a passport document, when they arrived at an airport in Japan and register to get a Wi-Fi card, then download the Navitime application on their iOS or Android devices.

(Source Mashable, Kompas /Images P Widi Hatmi)


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