Looking for Cheap Food in Travel Place

Tourist Eating Place in Circular Quay Melbourne

When you're in a tourist spot, one of the factors that support a sense of comfort while walking around in tourist locations is when we can choose the right foods to taste.

Walking around in Melbourne

There are some hints if you want to obtain customized diet, citing an interesting article from a tourist site.

Pizza in Melbourne

1. Advisable not choose to eat in the tourist area, are generally more expensive and less tasty.
2. Better choose places to eat in the local community, such as the food court, shops, and traditional markets. It feels more authentic and more comfortable.
3. Choosing to eat in a restaurant or cafe is not a wise choice, other than the price is expensive, you do not get the experience to recognize the culture and customs of the local community.
4. To obtain information cheap place to eat, it is advisable to ask the local people, or the staff of the hotel/hostel.
5. Better to seek advice from a guide book, a website/blog or magazine, even the suggestion of a friend who had previously been there.

(Source Fira Abdurachman - travelKompas, V Arifin - Melbourne /Images V Arifin)


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