How to Make You Relax in a Distance Flight?

The trip will be fun, especially for long-haul flights

A frequent travelers come a long way towards a place and want a pleasant atmosphere inside the plane, you certainly deserve the facility.

Travelling in an aircraft may be pleasant or otherwise if we do not prepare well, traveling in a distance and time zone differences can be difficult.

Autralian Physiotherapy Association recommends that the process to freshen up by several methods conducted in aircraft seating.

Repetitive movements done as much as 3-5 times the movement.

Exercises in the neck
- Bend your neck from side to side. Face and the outlook remains ahead.
- Lift the shoulders up and down slowly.
- Rotate the shoulders forward, then backward.

Exercise on the back
- Push the chest forward until your back arched. Hold for 2-3 seconds and then return slowly to a sitting position with laid back.
- Place both palms on each shoulder. Next, lift your left knee up to touch the right elbow. Likewise, lift your right knee to touch the left elbow.
- Put each hand on either side of the body, then the body tilt to the right and to the left.

Exercise of the legs and feet
- Move heel to toe for 20-30 seconds, then lift the feet alternately.
- Push the toe to the left and to the right and back. Do it up several times.
- Stomp both heels on the floor, lift his fingers. Similarly stomp toes, then raise your heels.

Suggestions were made in accordance with the instructions above can be done, to be more relaxed in your flight and not get bored during the flight.

(Source Intisari Online, Kompas Travel /Image Citilink)


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