Is There Unsafe Airlines in Our World?

Based on the assessment system of flight websites

Waiting Room at Gate F4 Soekarno-Hatta Airport

Of course we will ask whether there are airlines that are considered unsafe, necessarily based on various criteria that can be agreed upon. Present the question at the head of the risks to be faced in the air when someone is in flight, how safe airline?

The aviation websites has recently issued a list of the safest airline in the world and the most unsafe airline in the world, against 449 airlines.

Certainly through several criteria, such as the audit of the aviation authorities, associations, government audit, and the safety record of any airline.

Airlines that have a record of accidents involving death to passengers and/or crew members, will automatically get a reduction of the star, about 50 airlines that have 3 stars or less.

And also note that there are four carriers only get one star for safety.

Sure as a traveler needs to know these things carefully, and are useful in a variety of travel options.

Indeed there are airlines that are prohibited entry into the European Union countries, namely Tara Air and Nepal Airlines, both from Nepal, and other airlines are Scat Airlines of Kazakhstan and Kam Air from Afghanistan.

The results obtained from that website may not be applied in a specific area, such as the United States imposes a list of countries assessed did not meet the criteria listed in the IASS (International Aviation Safety Standard).

All of the above at the end back to the decision of each of the tourists, tour sometimes more stunning when more exciting, isn't it?

(Source CNN Traveler, Kompas Travel /Images L Tambajong)


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