10 Safest Low-Cost Airlines for the year 2015 - 2

Based on the assessment system of flight websites AirlineRatings.com

In the previous section of this blog, about the safest airline in the world, known then that an airline in Australia is the safest airlines in the world.

The system of assessment of AirlineRatings.com implemented with certain calculations to the audit of the aviation authorities, associations, government auditing, and records of each airline safety record.

Furthermore, the site also examine airlines operating history, a record of events, and operational excellence. Of the 449 airlines that are monitored, only 149 who received seven star in terms of security.

This assessment while not include airline of AirAsia, as the rating for the airline to temporarily delayed or "pending".

Here are the results of assessment 10 safest low cost airlines in the world, in alphabetical order, namely that airlines are Aer Lingus (Ireland), Alaska Airlines (USA), Icelandair (Iceland), JetBlue (USA), Jetstar (Australia), Kulula. com (South Africa), Monarch Airlines (UK), Thomas Cook (UK), TUIfly (Germany), and WestJet (Canada).

Travelers can determine their travel plans, and can choose the best plans to do the travel trip throughout 2015.

(Source AirlineRatings.com, Kompas Travel /Image M Wong - wikipedia, J Entwistle)


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