Luxury hostel rates below USD30 in Europe – 2

The Independente Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

Maybe you will think that this is an ordinary hostel, simple as makeshift lodgings, it isn’t as you imagine.

At the beginning of this vintage style building is a kind of residence to the Swiss Ambassador in Spain, built by three brothers as a meeting point for "tourists and locals can come together".

If you are looking for privacy can obtain different services for a private room, the whole hostel provides eleven rooms modern dormitory type accommodation and four private rooms, with rates ranging from 12 euros per night.

There is something different, when you have lunch at the “Decadente” resto, nuanced atmosphere built locally with an average fare 10 euros on weekdays, while in the evenings available buffet with a starting price of 7 euros.

Travelers can enjoy local memorable atmosphere in Portugal, the hostel is the preferred choice for travelers who frequently traveling to various places in Europe.

(Source The Independente Hostel, RO Kurniawan – Kompas Travel /Images The Independente Hostel - Lisbon, Lisbeth Hutagalung)


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