Bali increase around 15 Percent of Tourist in Year-End Holiday

Foreign tourists in January-November 2014 reach 3.41 million, up 14.78 percent

Sunrise at Benoa

Bali is excellent tourism in Indonesia, with a tendency tourists from various countries who visited the region, an achievement that tourist arrivals has exceeded the target of local government.

Dolphins at Lovina Beach

They are targeting foreign tourists visit as many as 2.9 million people by the end of 2014, has exceeded the target, not including a visit in December 2014.

Panglipuran Village, Bangli

Australia is the country with the highest tourist arrivals to Bali, as many as 895.069 people, an increase of 18.70 percent over the same period the previous year recorded 754.049 people.

Monkey of Uluwatu


Countries origin of most travelers, among others, Australia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, France, Britain, Taiwan and the United States.

Increasing tourist visits each year, with direct visits to aircraft flying direct from their country, and less than 1 percent using the cruise ship.

(Source Antara, Kompas Travel /Images S Wisaksono, L Pandjaiatan, V Saver, M Kretyawan)


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