Traveling Trip Resolution when entering the Year of 2015 - 2

Plan Your Trip in a Year of 2015

Best Western, Kuta Bali

The new year has been running for a third day, you can arrange the days in order to pass it well. Of course you can arrange travel plans in the new calendar, a travel plan in the year ahead.

As presented in the first part of the article on this blog, in the following article, we consider another resolution to complete the year with an interesting take place immediately.

Nusa Dua beach, Bali

Here are 5 other travel trip resolution (from 10 resolutions in 2015) that you can carry.

6. Environmentally conscious travelers. The right time for you becomes the friendly travelers to nature and humans. Being a distinct person, give thanks to the waiter or the flight attendant that serving you. Great isn’t it? Maintain cleanliness, not littering and so on.

Ibu Oki Chicken Rice, Bali

Balinese Mixed Rice

7. Eat like a local culinary. Let's try something new, a new culinary and so on. Traveling to new places and try other foods, to Europe, Africa or mainland Asia. Incredible experience, isn’t it?

8. Create an Electronic Passport (e-Passport). New type of passport, E-Passport, maybe you want to have it. Passport with a chip containing the passport holder information, including its biometric data, such as face and fingerprint.

9. Time for packing lightly. Take advantage of the presence of low-cost airlines, because it requires a traveler with congenital luggage as light as possible, because the addition of luggage weight will add to the cost. Pack your stuff well, for example clothes rolled, not folded, to save space in the bag.

10. Having the traveling equipment. Buy a small bag and traveling supplies, for example, snorkeling gear such as masks, snorkels, and frog legs. Other items are also eligible to be purchased, sleeping bag and tent also eating utensils in miniature or travel adapter and others.

Durian Ucok, Medan

Travel trip is something worth well prepared, as well as other important events in your life in a year. Travelling is a serious event with good planning, and good for life.

(Source Kompas Travel /Images G Raharjo, Ni Kdk R Riyanti)


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