Tanjung Benoa, being a Destination for Water Tourism Enthusiasts

Water Tourism has a special attraction at the southern tip of the island of Bali

This place is interesting in some ways, because the available area for water tourism, something new for some kind of tourists, but for most travelers it became fun.

Tanjung Benoa is a tourist spot that water has a special attraction on the southern tip of Bali, in addition to Kuta Beach that are not familiar to the people of the world, it is submitted by one of the instructors tourist attractions in Tanjung Benoa sea water.

Experience the natural beauty, white sandy beaches and blue sea in the south of the island, tourists mostly young love this place, they can choose a variety of exciting water games, such as jetski, banana boat and parasailing.

The faces of tourists from Asian countries, such as Japan, China and Taiwan seemed to dominate around the coast, in addition to tourists from Europe, certainly an interesting phenomenon for tourism in Bali.

Tanjung Benoa, adjacent to the Nusa Dua tourist sites and are in the narrow end made called promontory, this makes it unique and visited by tourists.

(Source Antara, Kompas Travel /Images Sonny Wisaksono - Benoa)


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