15 Most "On Time" Airlines in Indonesia

List of On Time Performance (OTP) of the Indonesian airlines throughout 2014

If you are on a sightseeing trip to Southeast Asia, particularly in an archipelago, Indonesia, might you be using one of the airline's services.

A list issued by the competent authorities in Indonesia, the Ministry of Transportation issued a list of On Time Performance (OTP) or the accuracy level of the time to 15 scheduled of Indonesians airlines in the period from January to December, 2014.

Here's a list of the airline.

1. Travira: 100 percent of the 47 flights
2. Nam Air: 92.92 percent of 3,477 flights
3. Batik Air: 90.78 percent of 13,535 flights
4. Mandala Airlines: 88.79 percent of 1,721 flights
5. Garuda Indonesia: 88.52 percent of the 164,623 flights

6. Travel Express: 86.30 percent of 10,156 flights
7. Sriwijaya Air: 83.02 percent of 65,940 flights
8. Indonesia AirAsia: 78.67 percent of 22,536 flights
9. Citilink: 78.20 percent of 54,881 flights
10. Lion Mentari Airlines: 73.80 percent of the 171,498 flights

11. Wings Air: 71.12 per cent of 57,810 flights
12. Aviastar Mandiri: 69.40 percent of 2,193 flights
13. Kalstar Aviation: 65.30 per cent of 22,151 flights
14. Trigana Air: 62.91 per cent of 15,475 flights
15. Transnusa: 54.41 percent of 5,902 flights

For tourists who happened to be on vacation in one of the tourist destinations in the archipelago country, might require the carrier to arrive at one of the destinations that you want.

(Source Ni Luh Made Pertiwi – Kompas Travel, Ministry of Transportation /Images Garuda Indonesia, V Arifin)


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