Saint-Michel, magnificent castle in the Middle of the Sea

Mont Saint-Michel is located on a rocky tidal island in Normandy

The ride was pretty tired to achieve this spectacular building in France, but the scenery around really arouse feelings, from a distance te; ah seen towering into the sky, located about 1 km from the beach.

The building was built between the 11th century and into the 16th, also earned the nickname 'Wonder of the West' is perched on a rocky island in the middle of vast sandbanks between Normandy and Brittany.

You will feel the aura of a Gothic-style Benedictine monastery was dedicated to St. Michael's angel. Go in, so you can see the highest point of the island about 92 meters above sea level.

Incredible charm at the sight of this building, a race against time after time every century, Mont Saint-Michel had to adapt to natural conditions, the tide that surrounds it, connects and disconnects the island from the mainland every day.

At any given time, when it was high tide, this magnificent castle looks like being in the middle of the ocean. And the local population, amounting to some tens of people, settle down there will be felt on an island, across the mainland.

The best time to visit is during the full moon and a solar eclipse on the weekend, you can watch the roar of the waves were seen sweeping coastal cliffs. Enchanting.

(Source CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Images D Upala Poucin, Emmanuella Widi)


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