France became the Favorite Destination for International Travelers

The increase of visits by 1.7 percent compared to the year 2013 based on the length of stay of tourists in the EU

European continent become an attractive area for foreign tourists, especially in West Europe, such as France and Spain are competing as a leading tourist region in Europe.

Reports of the latest data from the European Union, Eurostat, which was issued on Thursday, January 29th, 2015, shows the record of international tourist arrivals in 2014 when seen the number of tourist nights spent in the European Union.

Interesting when we look at the two EU countries, France and Spain were a favorite of tourists.

You can see that tourists are able to spend up to 2.7 billion nights in hotels and other accommodation spread over 28 countries joined in the European Union.

Here is the Eurostat data on the number of nights spent by foreign tourists in several European countries.

- France reached 403 million nights (a decrease of 1.7 percent)
- Spain reached 401 million nights (increase of 3.1 percent)
- Latvia showed the highest growth, reaching 11 percent
- Greece and Portugal experienced a recovery of tourist arrivals

Regardless notes from Eurostat, the European continent for a long time to get an appreciation of tourists from various countries as a major tourist destination of the world, given the many features into a tourist attraction for the tourists of the world.

(Source AFP, Kompas Travel /Images Diah U Poucin)


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