Travel Agenda in March that Worthy to Consider

Vacation plans can be drawn up in March

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

If you really have to plan a holiday, not wrong if a little look at world travel events that occur in the coming months, you may be able to consider it.

An article in the tourist sites give some suggestions about interesting tourist activities in the month of March 2015.

1. Grape Harvest Festival (March 1 to 10). The location in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, which is known as the Andes, a festival celebration of ripening grapes, then enjoy a glass of wine and feel the sensation while enjoying the natural atmosphere of the mountains.

2. Las Fallas (March 1 to 19). Celebration in the city of Valencia, the celebration of St. Joseph's festival, held for 5 days 5 nights on the streets of the city of Valencia. Enjoy the atmosphere of a typical Spanish hospitality and its beautiful dances.

3. St. Patrick's Day Parade (March 14). Something special in Chicago, as well as commemorate the 60th anniversary with a distinctive culinary offerings, as well as a great natural events when the waters turn into green color.

4. Pacific Rim Whale Festival (March 14 to 22). How do you feel when looking at the arrival of thousands of gray whales in Tofino district, part of the province of British Columbia, Canada. Exciting events while enjoying a wide variety of food with family, and events of funny and interesting talk show.

5. Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2015. If you are a fan of jazz music, do not need to search anymore, it's here in South Africa at the end of March. Treat a wide selection of spectacle, and you can even take the time to play golf, maybe watch a fashion show, to the photography exhibition that make your holiday to be special.

March is getting closer, certainly vacation plans have been prepared, but get a special experience not to be forgotten to make the holiday more remarkable.

(Source Kompas Travel, National Geographic Traveler /Image Cape Town International Jazz Festival)


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