Traveling in ASEAN will Easier with Asean Pass

AirAsia breakthrough with "AirAsia Asean Pass" and "AirAsia Asean Pass+"

Tourism in ASEAN countries will be easier with the participation of airline AirAsia, ease of travel, after the inauguration of their new products begin Monday, February 23, 2015.

Both of these cards will encourage tourism among the ASEAN countries, each set with a price of USD 151.51 for 10 credits for "AirAsia Asean Pass" and USD 275.83 to 20 credits for "AirAsia Asean Pass+".

Citing articles at a tourist site, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes said in a press release, "AirAsia Asean Pass also allows us to connect the ASEAN countries and attract more foreign tourists come to this area. Asean Pass it a perfect tool for promoting integration in the ASEAN countries. "

The holder of AirAsia Asean Pass and AirAsia Asean Pass+ can enjoy flying in a fixed price (fixed-rate) to more than 148 routes in all ASEAN countries, and behaves like a currency, so as to reduce the difficulty in exchanging foreign currency for fares route based owned credit.

Convenient for travelers on their tour, because the facilities associated with both cards, and applies to each AirAsia in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines to the various destinations in the ASEAN region.

(Source Kompas Travel, AirAsia /Images V Arifin)


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