To'ak Chocolate, World's Most Expensive Chocolate

From a small factory in Ecuador owned by Jerry Toth

In the spirit of Valentine's Day are always synonymous with chocolate, for those who have time for couples and convey a sense of compassion, giving chocolate is one of the easiest ways, but potent as proof of your love!

Who does not love chocolate? Generally sweet taste in the tongue is very entertaining for anyone, distinctive color, dark flavorful, but saved a million sweetness that can make the tongue sway.

Of the various options that you once enjoyed chocolate, of course there is a sense to try the chocolate flavor classified as expensive chocolates, chocolate which is claimed to be something special.

Sure you want to try the chocolate flavor the most expensive, isn’t it? One of the world's most expensive chocolate is To'ak Chocolate, with the sensation that like to enjoy a glass of wine.

Of course you will be prepared to pay around $ 290 for 28 grams of chocolate, made of 81 percent pure cocoa powder and 19 percent organic sugar cane, and was named as organic chocolate.

To'ak Chocolate is a limited production that is packaged in a wooden box of elm trees, up to this day is the only remaining 250 bars of chocolate from the overall number of 574 chocolate bars, which produced last year.

Maybe if there is luck, one day you will give it a try, and enjoy as wine tasting, inhaling the aroma, smell burnt brown with floral aromas inside. The next stage is an incredible sensation, when the chocolate melt on your tongue without chewing it, great!

(Source CNN Indonesia /Images To'ak Chocolate)


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