5 Luxury Romantic Travel Destinations

Romantic travelling places in a moment of Valentine's Day based on Jacada Travel

In a moment of celebrating Valentine's Day always imagined a romantic atmosphere, even in a tourist trip. All can be achieved in a state traveled to special places in the world, of course you have own criteria about romantic sights.

Now, here's tourist attractions romantic corresponding recommendation of an online travel agency - which focus on the theme of luxury travel,Jacada Travel, as quoted from the Huffington Post.

Dhulikhel, Nepal. Rural atmosphere under the foot of the Himalayas, in the Kathmandu valley, a beautiful place with Namo Buddha monastery which gives a unique culture aroma, and is suitable for trekking lovers in a challenging environment.

Hotels traditional nuances and enjoy the opportunity to make clay pots, painting, and yoga.

Patagonia, Argentina. The area lies between the mountains and vast plains, a luxury resort while walking or riding a horse. Environment cool when you ride a kayak on a calm lake, or see pieces of ice falling from the glacier of Perito Moreno.

There is nothing more romantic with your partner, while you enjoy traditional food and red wine of Patagonia.

Lyngen Alps, Norway. In a secluded spot at the north pole of Norway. Atmosphere snow while skiing, snowmobiling, and dog-drawn sleigh, with a shimmering lake in between towering mountains.

You will be lucky if it comes in March, while watching the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis are very beautiful in the sky, and enjoy typical local food.

Wayag Island

Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Special tourist spot in an archipelago, the coral triangle world region. Watching the beauty of the Wayag islands using sailboats.

The well known as a tourist resort dive, turquoise sea softly, when the sun begins to set, candle light dinner along with your beloved partner.

Serengeti, Tanzania. Well, here's a safari in the wild, stay overnight at the safari lodge in the national park which is home to diverse wildlife. Experience as a couple who could not have forgotten in a tourist trip, hiking in the middle of a real nature is different.

Country which also has a beautiful beach, to the island of Zanzibar, which is rich in culture and virgin white sandy beaches.

Various travel options that can bring a romantic scent together with your partner, in the right moment of Valentine’s Day.

(Source C Oktavia Lembing – Kompas Travel, Huffington Post /Images S Darmawan, Helda M Wowiling, Serengeti National Park)


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